NSU BURA Pattern!

Nsu Bura Pattern! One of our favorite Patterns used for some products.

Vlisco's "Record" Fabric popularly known as Nsu Bura. Ghanaians call it Nsu Bura or Nsu Bra in Twi which is an Akan Language in Ghana. Literally, Nsu Bura means water well. 

This pattern which comes in different colors is said to resemble the ripple effect of water when a stone is thrown into it. This drawing first appeared on the market in the 1960s and goes by many names, such as“Plaque-Plaque”, “Target”, and “Nsu Bura”, which means ‘water well’ in Ghana. When you throw a stone in a water well, you can see a ripple effect. The message is that whatever you do, good or bad, it will have an effect on everyone around you.

This pattern was originally designed for Vlisco by a Dutch Fabric Designer, Mr. Piet in the year 1936. He took his inspiration from a tie dye circle motif from the 1926.

Source: https://www.vlisco.com/fabric_story/record/

The pattern stands as one of the popular fabric designs trending in the African Fashion Industry as well as the Arts and Crafts Industry. It also continues to be one of our favorite patterns for some of our products.